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Beyond providing protection from the elements, a new roof can completely revamp the way a home looks, taking years off its appearance, adding plenty of personality and curb appeal. A roof is one of the most prominent focal points of a home and the installation and attention to detail won’t go unnoticed. Whether your home is new construction or hundreds of years old, we can provide the quality materials and experience that will make for a beautiful finish that also enhances the functionality and the life of your home.

Roof Panels and Metal Roofing
We partner with Berridge Manufacturing and ESE Machinery to provide the best quality panels and materials on the market. We can produce metal panels in any shape and size for your project. Whether it’s metal shingles or metal panels, we can supply the product for our clients. According to Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the reflective materials in the roofs can eliminate heating and cooling costs up to 40 percent. The roofing is known for its attractive features, architectural appeal, and broad range of different profiles, textures, sustainability, and colors. Since the materials are so durable, the roofing is less affected by harsh climates, allowing a lengthy time period of 30-plus years.

Clay Tile Roofing
We have over 20 manufacturers that we work with, offering our customers a variety of materials that suit a wide range of tastes and styles ensuring that we will be able to locate the perfect material for our client’s project. Since LEED building codes in the United States are now ordering greater energy performance and sustainability, the efficiency of the materials you are using on your project are of the utmost importance. We’re confident in our clay roofing products as they meet each statewide LEED point credit requirements. In addition, our roofing boosts levels of energy efficiency above the baseline in the LEED classification standards, lessening environmental and economic impact.

Slate Roofing
We have built a solid reputation by not only providing great service, but also by providing high quality products and materials. Our slate roofing is no different. We are proud to have our name behind our premium slate roofing and we offer 30 different colors, textures and styles. Slate stone brings a durable and unique aesthetic appeal to any home or environment.

Wood Shake & Wood Shingle
Wood shake and shingle are “not the norm” and are available in different sizes, shapes and patterns. Wood roofing is both beautiful and charming and it is an art that David Alvarez Sheet Metal is trying to keep alive in Texas.

Historical Matching and Reproductions
Historical Matching and reproductions are a big part of what we do in and around the Houston area. David Alvarez Sheet Metal partners with artists and suppliers that assist our team and our clients in sourcing products both locally and abroad to ensure the integrity of the original design remains intact. Our years of experience mean we not only have extensive experience but many long lasting relationships in the industry.

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